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Welcome! Save 20% off your first order from our new and improved shop with code SAVE20.
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Revamp Furniture with Amy Howard Miracle Paint

Revamping Old Furniture with Amy Howard Miracle Paint: A DIY Guide

Are you looking to breathe new life into your ugly, old or outdated furniture? Whether it's a thrift store find or a beloved piece that's seen better days, Amy Howard's Miracle Paint offers a fantastic solution. In this blog post, I'll walk you through the process of using this transformative product to restore your furniture and make it look like new again.

What is Amy Howard Miracle Paint?

Amy Howard Miracle Paint is a furniture paint specifically designed for DIY enthusiasts who want to rejuvenate their furniture without the hassle of extensive prep work. It's known for its exceptional coverage, ease of use, and the ability to adhere to nearly any surface without stripping, sanding, or priming. Perfect for those who love the look of chalk paint but need a more durable finish, this paint is a game-changer in the world of furniture restoration. It does NOT need a topcoat, so veteran furniture painters love it.

Choosing Your Project Piece

The first step in any furniture restoration project is selecting the right piece. Look for furniture that, despite its worn or ugly appearance, has good bones. Solid wood items are ideal, but Miracle Paint can also work wonders on laminate, metal, or glass also.

Preparing Your Furniture

Preparation is key, even if it's minimal with Miracle Paint. Remove all hardware such as knobs, handles, or hinges. If there are any loose or peeling finishes, lightly sand those areas just to smooth them out. Start by cleaning your piece thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or residues. My preference for cleaning a piece is to use Amy Howard Clean Slate. Clean Slate removes residues from cleaning and polishing solutions used on the piece over the years, as well as removing oils from shellacs, etc.


Be sure to have adequate ventilation to use Clean Slate! Let your piece dry completely. 

Applying Amy Howard Miracle Paint

Once your piece is clean and dry, it's time to paint:

  • Stir the Paint: Make sure to stir the paint well before starting, as pigments may settle at the bottom.
  • Apply the First Coat: Using a good quality brush or roller, apply your first coat of Miracle Paint. It's thick and rich, so a little goes a long way. You can also spray Miracle Paint. Don't overthink your first coat. I always look at the first coat as the primer.
  • Let It Dry: Allow the first coat to dry completely, typically 2-4 hours depending on humidity and temperature.
  • Check for bumps: If you have any bumps or uneven places after the first coat dries, you can lightly sand with 400 grit sandpaper.
  • Apply the Second Coat: Apply a second coat to achieve the desired coverage and richness of color.
  • Let It Dry: Allow the second coat to dry completely, typically 2-4 hours depending on humidity and temperature.
  • Note Regarding Climate: IF you are in a very dry climate, be sure to dilute Miracle Paint a little bit with water.  We are in North Texas and dilution is a must here. If you are going to dilute, start by diluting 5 or 10% at first, then see how it behaves.
  • Note Regarding Curing: Amy Howard Miracle Paint reportedly has a 1-hour cure time, however, even with Miracle Paint I allow 24 hours prior to placing any objects on the finished product (I like to be on the safe side).

Adding Finishing Touches

After the paint has fully dried, you can add a finishing touch:

  • Distress (Optional): If you’re going for a shabby chic or vintage look, use sandpaper to gently distress edges and details where natural wear might occur.
  • Embellishing Wax (Optional): If you would like to add a bit of glam to your piece, the Amy Howard Embellishing Wax goes a long way!

Reassembling and Admiring Your Work

Once your piece is painted and sealed, reattach any hardware after you have properly cleaned it. If you want a fresh look, consider replacing the old knobs or pulls with new ones. This can significantly change the overall style of your furniture.

Why Choose Miracle Paint?

The real appeal of Amy Howard Miracle Paint lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It's a fantastic choice for both beginners and seasoned DIYers. The paint’s thick consistency and forgiving nature make it easy to work with, hiding imperfections and providing a new lease on life for any piece of furniture.

A Real Transformation

Furniture revamped with Miracle Paint can be truly inspiring. From drab to fab, pieces often look completely different with just a few coats of this versatile paint. We bought this piece brand new and when we got it in, it was painted in a hideous gold. The pictures from the manufacturer had been very misleading. Instead of giving up on it, we decided to transform it. The end result was fabulous!


Restoring ugly or old furniture with Amy Howard Miracle Paint not only saves money but also gives you a chance to create a piece that perfectly fits your home decor. It's a satisfying DIY project that yields professional-looking results. So, why not find an old piece of furniture this weekend and give it a new life with Miracle Paint? It's an eco-friendly, creative, and enjoyable way to enhance your living space. Happy painting!

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