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Welcome! Save 20% off your first order from our new and improved shop with code SAVE20.

Beard Care Essentials Gift Set with Beard Oil, Balm, Moustache Wax, and Comb

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About this Product

Keep your facial hair looking stylish and well-groomed with the Beard Care Essentials Gift. This perfect combination of beard care products is designed to cater to all types of facial hair, from short stubble to moustaches to full-length beards.

Our Beard Care Essentials Gift includes everything you need to nourish, condition, soften, tame, and style your facial hair to perfection. It contains:

  • Beard Oil 30ml/1.01oz: Nourish and condition your facial hair with our rich and non-greasy formula. Say goodbye to dry, unruly beards and hello to a beard that is luscious, soft, and healthy.
  • Beard Balm 30ml/1.01oz: Soften and tame your beard with our specially formulated balm. It not only conditions your facial hair but also helps to shape and style it, giving you a well-groomed and polished look.
  • Moustache Wax 25ml/0.85oz: Keep your moustache in shape all day long with our strong yet supple wax. It provides a firm hold without making your moustache feel stiff or uncomfortable.
  • Beard Comb: Easily work beard products through your facial hair with our expertly crafted Pear Wood comb. Its fine teeth glide smoothly through your beard, ensuring even distribution of the products and detangling any knots or snags.

With our Beard Care Essentials Gift, you can take your beard game to the next level. Say goodbye to unruly, dry, and untamed facial hair, and say hello to a well-groomed and stylish beard that will make heads turn.

  • Nourishes and conditions facial hair for a soft and healthy beard.
  • Tames and styles facial hair, providing a groomed and polished look.


  • Beard Oil: 30ml/1.01oz
  • Beard Balm: 30ml/1.01oz
  • Moustache Wax: 25ml/0.85oz