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Welcome! Save 20% off your first order from our new and improved shop with code SAVE20.
Welcome! Save 20% off your first order from our new and improved shop with code SAVE20.

Paint Couture Extender Paint Additive - Increase Working Time, Reduce Brush Strokes - 4 oz

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About this Product

Extender - Paint Couture Paint Additive

Paint Couture Extender is a water-based additive formulated for interior and exterior use. Paint Couture Extender will lengthen the dry time of Paint Couture paint, glazes and topcoats. Paint Couture Extender is a great additive if you want a longer working time to include reducing brush strokes by mixing it into any of our great water-based paints, glazes and topcoats.  Our extender is a great product to use for hot and dry environments. 

You may store and keep your mixed Paint Couture paint, glazes or topcoats once mixed with our extender. Mixing extender into any of aforementioned items will not deteriorate them. When reusing a previously mixed product be sure to thoroughly mix the product prior to using. 

Recommended Mix Ratio: 5%

Maximum Mix Ratio: 15%

MIXING DIRECTIONS: Always work in a well-ventilated area. Mix 5% by volume if allowed by local regulations to extend the drying time of Paint Couture water-based paints, glazes and topcoat products. Stir Extender thoroughly in Paint Couture paints, glazes and topcoats. Test a small area before proceeding once thoroughly mixed.

CLEAN UP: Use Warm Soapy Water

STORAGE: 50-100 Degrees Fahrenheit / 10-38 Degrees Celsius. Keep from Freezing.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Paint Couture products must be tested to your complete satisfaction before using. Paint Couture will not be responsible for color satisfaction, misapplication, nor compatibility with other manufacturers' products. Paint Couture will be responsible only for the cost of our products, and not for cost such as labor, damage, or project replacement. Paint Couture assumes no liability for the improper use of these products.